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Web Guard Plus extension changes your default search engine to Bing and overrides the New Tab to ensure optimum protection.

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Bring security to your search with Web Guard Plus extension that performs a thorough analysis to provide you with the safest browsing passage.

  • FREE & Featureful Browser Extension

    Web Guard Plus web browser is dedicated to protecting your search results and providing you with an interactive new tab design.

  • Instant Risk Identification

    Get to know the security status of a website simply by clicking the extension icon and decide your further moves.

  • Safe Search

    Ensure accurate and safest search result with dedicated search bar.


Download Web Guard Plus for : Chrome

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more? Here's a list of the most asked questions from millions of users.

Q1. What Web Guard Plus Extension is all about?

One of the most comfortable ways for hackers to attack your computer is through the internet. It has a wide range of websites. Some of these websites might be safe to browse, whereas, many others are full of infections and malicious files. It is tough to determine whether a website is secure or not.

Therefore, you need to add protection that identifies malicious websites and alarms you. Web Guard Plus is one such browser extension that flags potentially malicious websites according to the blacklist that gets constantly updated by the team of malware researchers.

Installing Web Guard Plus for safe and secure browsing is not a tough task to do. Even amateur users can use it with ease. All that you need to do is, follow the below steps.

  • Visit Web Guard Plus’s official website.
  • Click on Continue to add the extension.
  • Add the extension to your browser.

As soon as you complete the above steps, Web Guard Plus, i.e., one of the best security addons identifies all the browser threats and shows you a relevant warning or safety message.

If you don’t have the best browser security extensions installed, then it exposes the device to risks such as virus attacks. Therefore, your need Web Guard Plus to make browsing a safer experience for you. Below is the way to use it.

  • Add Web Guard Plus.
  • Wait for it to detect the threats while you search or browse a website.

After detecting the threats, it indicates whether the search results are safe to browse or not. This way your device gets shielded from viruses and other malware attacks.

The internet should be a secure place for all. Therefore, Web Guard Plus supports major web browsers - Google Chrome

Web Guard Plus is an advanced browser extension that alerts you about a malicious website. The extension employs its dedicated blacklist of domains and flags a dubious website according to it. The blacklist is a huge database that gets updated regularly by the team of malware researchers at Web Guard Plus.

Presently, where cybercriminals are always looking for opportunities to attack your system and get access to your confidential information, you need a security tool. Web Guard Plus protects you from hacking attacks. Apart from this, below are some of its other key benefits.

  • Identifies malicious websites.
  • Timely alerts you whenever you step on any unreliable website.
  • Scans search outcomes and show whether they are reliable to browse or not.

Above is just a snap of the advantages of Web Guard Plus. You’ll get to know many others once you start using it. In a nutshell, we can say that is a complete web security tool that you need.

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We, at OneCompass, include a dedicated Research & Development unit that constantly works towards finding latest malware. The team ensures that every discovered malware is updated in the Malware Database.

The R&D team at OneCompass also performs frequent web checks to find a range of threats and update them in the database. The team also finds out and identifies malicious websites as a part of their research.

We employ these databases and in Web Guard Plus browser extension and blacklist all the dubious websites to offer online protection through various means like blocking and alarming.

In case, you feel that a website should be removed from our blacklist, please write to us at

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